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A Four Session Program For As Low As $650/person*

May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 2018

*Program fees are $1950/person (plus tax) but if you qualify for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, you may receive a grant of up to 2/3 of eligible program costs. Contact Laurie Nadeau at NadeauL@thecentre.on.ca for full grant information.

Two attendees from each organization is recommended to best leverage this unique learning experience.


The Future of Your Business is 4 Days Away.

Whether you’re ready or not – whether you embrace it or not, every business is in continuous transition. As a business leader, striving to prosper in a time of frenetic change, you’re under heightened pressure to anticipate what might happen in the future. Over each day of the Growth Series you will learn how to prepare and support your organization for long-term, continuous growth in a world that no longer rewards conventional wisdom.


May 29, 2018

Session One: Leveraging Your Existing Capabilities By Listening to Your Customers

Session One of the Growth Series will help you to validate your organizational strengths and use them as a springboard for planning growth beyond what you do now. How? By learning to look at your business with a value mindset, from a customer’s perspective.


June 5, 2018

Session Two: Choosing the Right Value-Added Ideas to Spur Growth

Session Two of the Growth Series will help you to chart a corporate course based on leveraging your current assets to advance your most promising opportunities. You will learn planning disciplines that will help you to rank customers and markets according to their potential for growth. The day will help you to shape the right product or service offerings to attract the right customers.


June 12, 2018

Session Three: Refining Your Processes to Support Growth and Manage Complexity

Session Three of the Growth Series will show you how to surmount the most common barriers to success in the implementation of new ideas, products and customer strategies. You will learn how good complexity allows you to demonstrate value to your customers and how bad complexity can kill your bottom line.


June 19, 2018

Session Four: Building an Organizational Culture that Nourishes Growth

Session Four of the Growth Series shows you the steps to take to create a corporate culture that supports your intrapreneurs and the necessary resources they require to implement new ideas. The objective is to create a culture of continuous innovation rather than occasional bursts of inspiration.