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Designed for growing tech companies, our LaunchPads provide a space to focus on your growth while being surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs, mentors and resources. But do know that while your potential for growth is unlimited, our space is not. So get in touch with us today – before your competition does.


Hot Desking

TechPlace isn’t a co-working space. It’s so much more than that. Yes, our open-concept space gives you a place to work. But, more importantly, it empowers you to think and act differently by creating mentorship and networking opportunities that may not have been possible before.


Meeting Rooms

TechPlace is where eligible new and growing technology companies get everything they need to grow and succeed. And that includes the necessary spaces to get work done. If you need a space for an important client meeting, presentation or private conversation, we have the place for you.

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Whether you’re looking to impress some investors or just get involved in the tech community, we always make our space available to endorsed TechPlace users. Perfect for hosting your next meet-up, hackathon or workshop, our space will provide your guests with so much more than just a good first impression. Looking to attend an event? Check out our events calendar.

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Our space is limited. Your potential is not.

See how you can be part of the growing tech community, right here at TechPlace.

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