Burlington Economic Development Receives $77K Grant to Launch Digital Service Squad and Support Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

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New Grant Funding Allows Burlington Digital Service Squad to Continue to Help Small Businesses Adopt Online Technologies This media release first appeared on Burlington Economic Development. Burlington, Ontario – July 14, 2022 - Burlington Economic Development announced that it has received a grant of more than $77,000 from the [...]

COVID-19 Update

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As of September 22, 2021, Ontario’s new proof-of-vaccination rule came into effect. TechPlace is considered “indoor area of meetings and events spaces” and as such, we will be requiring proof of vaccination along with photo ID of all people entering the space. To ensure the safety of all users of [...]

Why Angel Investing?

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Angel One Members are risk takers and deal makers passionately involved in the start-up and early stage ecosystem. They are entrepreneurial at heart and are a diverse and vastly experienced group of accredited investors who are interested in funding innovation and growth in the Canadian economy.