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A great value prop lowers the risk associated with launching your new business. All new Clients need this workshop!

Mandatory: Participants must attend both sessions.


Goal: Identifying insights and building a prototype.

Now, you’ve got your problem figured out but how do you ensure your solution actually addresses it in a way that makes a sustainable business? In this second workshop, we articulate an early value prop and look at ways to test it with rapid prototypes and early MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Discover tools and frameworks to help you find product/market fit.


  • Finding the gold in customer interviews
  • Share insights
  • Share and give feedback on Value Proposition Canvases
  • The context canvas
  • MVP: What it is, how to build one and how to incrementally test it/validate it.
  • Market sizing: How do you do it? What tools do you have to work with?

Homework: Check in with your Advisor re: market size research and the progress of your MVP validation.

Outcome of this process: You will be given the tools that will lead you towards product/market fit and the ability to articulate and validate core elements of your Value Proposition – problem/pain, target user/customer, solution and value proposition.

Light refreshments will be provided.