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A business plan is key to any company pitch, but a product roadmap and development plan are critical to understand how much time and money are required to get your product to market. By preparing this information and sharing it with potential investors or funding groups, securing funding will be a simpler and faster process. As part of this presentation, we will share details on how to ask the right questions, how to create a project estimate and backlog, and how to generate a roadmap for your product, all with a focus on getting funding.


  • “7 Questions to Help You Get Started” (handout)
  • Example product roadmap and plan (handouts)

About the Speaker: Darcy Bachert, CEO

Darcy Bachert is the Founder and CEO of Prolucid Technologies. Working professionally in Software Engineering since 2001, his extensive experience in delivering mission critical applications across a wide variety of industries has enabled the team at Prolucid to use technology to solve real world problems and make a positive impact on the people, companies, and industries that they support.