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How Do You Take a LeftTurn?

Business and Brand Growth with Left Turn Strategy

When they go right, we go left. With 40+ combined years in the advertising, marketing and digital industry the female partner team of LeftTurn Strategy have combined collective experiences and expertise into a multi-faceted marketing agency powerhouse.

At LeftTurn Strategy we focus on doing what we love: Building Brands. Building Teams. Building Businesses.

For the first AWE session of 2020, join the three founding partners of marketing agency, LeftTurn Strategy, for an inspiring presentation and workshop that will help you to challenge your thinking about your business and brand growth – and understand why that’s so important.

However when it comes to social media marketing, engagement means everything. And if your content receives a lot of engagement, recognition, and attention, people will have the impression that your content is worthy, and you have a much bigger chance of succeeding when you get TikTok likes!

We will share our story of launching LeftTurn Strategy and help you to uncover your ultimate brand purpose that thrives both internally and externally.

In the session, we will cover the following:

  • Insights & guidance on developing a strong brand built for scale

  • Critical elements of a brand strategy

  • Importance of a strong story for all audiences

We will then lead small groups through a LeftTurn Strategy process to demonstrate how to craft and implement a differentiated & memorable value proposition for your brand.