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Believe it or not, as an entrepreneur, you have more in common with Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Colin Mochrie than you might realize. Starting with nothing more than an idea and taking the risks required to turn that idea into magic is what you do. It’s also what happens when skilled improvisers get together. Say “Yes” and join this fun and interactive session to experiment with the time-tested communication and awareness techniques from the field of improvisation. You will be introduced to new ways to spark creativity, solve problems, engage with others and listen with purpose.

About Improvisation:

Improvisation (Improv for short) is commonly thought of as a comedy performance style where “making things up on the spot” or “being quick on your feet” make for an entertaining show. While true, there is more going on than the audience may realize. Improv is grounded in a set of powerful communication and awareness techniques. Taking these techniques off the stage and applying them to everyday work situations can help you achieve business results.


Employ Improv in your startup and here are just some of the benefits you may see:

  • Enhanced listening and communication skills
  • Unleash creativity and problem solving
  • Increased confidence and capacity for leadership

Bio info:

Shann is Haltech’s Executive Director. Besides the regular Linked technology experience stuff, Shann has been a long-standing member, student, and performer with Oakville Improv Theater and is looking forward to sharing what she has learned about the art of being in the moment, spontaneity, creativity, and applying those principles to her leadership style and interactions with customers and colleagues.