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Marketing and selling are two of the most important skills anyone should have – entrepreneur, developer, designer, support – should all understand how to get your company, product and services noticed and how to grow and retain your customer base.

At this Meetup, learn tips and techniques from seasoned professionals to take your business to the next level! Then, commit to continuing your training by joining the new Marketing & Sales Peer2Peer to explore topics such as:

What you will Learn

  • How to define a lead
  • How to build a strategy and plan with tangible, measurable goals
  • How to define your target customer
  • How to effectively use social selling
  • How to create a positive customer experience, from beginning to end
  • How to define and communicate value
  • How to evaluate your buyer to advance to the next stage in the sales process
  • How to move clients from prospect through qualification to pitch and from close to referral/renewal
  • How to set and keep quotas and measure campaign effectiveness
  • How to tell your story and your customers story
  • How to develop and support a sales team
  • …and much more!