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Don’t miss out on this, our first Distinctability Disruption Event.

This 2-day Workshop series features innovative, interactive sessions illustrating high and low-tech solutions across assistive technology and alternative communication. Each day will be packed full of cutting-edge technologies and resources to help to increase positive, inclusive employment results, improve accessibility, build capacity, and expand professional development toolkits.

We have Keynote speakers from the UK and Canada.

We welcome, Dave Banes, the international authority on Assistive Technology just back from speaking at the ATIA World Forum in Florida, as well as, the Leadership Team from Makaton; the communication sign and symbol language set to transform integration and support in Employment in Canada – you will literally start to learn the language in the Workshop!

All participants will receive a USB loaded with resources, guides and access to assistive technology solutions for immediate use and reference.

Feature Presentations:

Day 1 – Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019:

Workshop 1 / Morning Session:

Low Cost Technology for Specific Needs

“NO-COST OR LOW COST” – There are things out there that can change people’s lives and improve their working lives and their workplace opportunities. Sometimes right in front of us and we don’t even know it. This workshop introduces a range of accessible and assistive technologies that are available and proven to support employees with a disability, including technologies and techniques for people with little or no vision, hearing loss, physical needs, and learning disabilities including dyslexia and autism.

Dave Banes will illustrate some of these and engage with the delegates to explore for themselves just how much is available to enhance support models and working models for individuals and supporting professionals

Examples of such technologies will be demonstrated based on real life examples of people with a disability and attendees will have opportunities to discuss any barriers and challenges to implementing low cost solutions in their own setting.

Workshop 2 / Afternoon Session:

Using Technology to Support People with Mental Health Needs – Dave Banes

This unique Workshop provides an invaluable insight into the real developments that have been made with assistive technologies in the ever-increasing challenges around the rise in Mental Health issues and supporting them in the community.

There will be engaging demonstrations and insights into the emerging solutions and approaches.

Did you know that

* Companies across the world are turning to technology to help support employees with mental health needs and being proactive with all employees to reduce the likelihood of new needs emerging.

You will learn about tools specifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety, and the functionality built into devices that are proving to be valuable based upon case studies and real-life stories to illustrate impact.

Day 2 – Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Workshop 1 / Morning Session:

MAKATON – a Global Language System for Inclusive Communication arrives in Canada!

Makaton is a multi-model language programme that uses speech, signs and symbols. Makaton is used extensively in the UK; France; New Zealand and in countries as diverse as Russia and Greece. Today well over 100,000 people in the UK, use Makaton.

Distinctability is privileged to now be bringing Makaton to Canada as a tool for social and workplace transformation, and to be responsible for the development of a national network of Trainers and Tutors in organizations throughout Canada.

This workshop will provide you with information about what Makaton is and how it can be used within your environment. You will also learn some basic signs and symbols for some of the concepts that you will find useful in a supported employment context – as an employer or service provider. As well as providing resources on the day and introducing the process for becoming a Makaton Trainer and Tutor.

Workshop 2 / Afternoon Session:

Emerging Technologies and Increasing Access

Dave Bane’s Session will really hone in on the breakthrough emerging solutions that are changing lives and changing opportunities. The workshop will be interactive, encouraging delegates to consider their own workplaces and settings and how the technologies could be implemented effectively.

Did you know that

* Emerging technologies are increasing diversity in the workplace

* New technologies can automate accessibility tasks undertaken by employees

* New technologies are changing the ways in which we work offering new opportunities for people with a disability.

Technology is changing rapidly and the impact on people with a disability will be significant, offering both new ways of ensuring access and allowing services to reach more people cost effectively. This workshop explores emerging technologies that are increasingly available or undergoing development to support employees in the workplace, including Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Automation, Internet of Things, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, natural interfaces, robotics and virtual or augmented reality.

Each has the capacity to increase access and support employers to engage a diverse workforce, reducing the cost of inclusion and helping to empower employees to make accommodations for themselves. Many companies and access professionals are not aware of emerging products and this workshop will introduce examples that are on the verge of market readiness and those that have been released recently.

Tickets are available to attend the full 2-day series or to join us for 1 day.  Seating is limited so reserve your space today!  

 Lunch, breakfast and afternoon refreshments are included.

For more information and more detailed guest speaker BIOs, please visit www.Distinctability.ca or contact Kim@Distinctability.ca

Coming in from out of town? We have arranged corporate discount rates at nearby hotels. Please reach out for details!

 All Distinctability Events are;

–          Fully inclusive; participants, vendors and Distinctability team members

–          Interactive, using technology to learn, collaborate, share and connect

–          Paperless. We provide e-resources and interactive, technology-based materials