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As an entrepreneur, your venture pitch is the most critical component of a fundraising process. You must attend high-stakes meetings filled with people who have the funds to turn your dream into a reality.

Studies have found that how you frame your pitch can be just as important as the business you’re pitching. Unfortunately, these studies have found that women entrepreneurs must clear a higher bar in how they frame their pitches. This gender bias is part of an ongoing problem in business.

In efforts to solve the larger issue of gender discrimination, this session endeavours to confront and unpack some very deeply-held biases and help you perfect your pitch, so that you can sell your business idea with confidence.

Accelerator for Women in Entrepreneurship



This series is designed with women entrepreneurs in mind and tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Gender-related issues in the sector will be examined and discussed in depth. The focus is on acknowledging where there are differences as well as opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

You will leave each session empowered with the information, ideas, and resources to reach your business potential.

This is the perfect learning and networking opportunity for iF clients with women- led and/ or founded companies. These workshops are also open to women considering entrepreneurship and women with early stage businesses who want to accelerate growth.

Advanced Manufacturing is defined as the use of innovative technology, processes and methodology to improve products and services and will be a key theme of this series.

Topics explored will range from the Entrepreneurial Identity for women, leadership presence and confidence, negotiations, selling & social capital, financing, business, marketing and more!

Please note: Dates, times and speakers are subject to change.