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Hiring The Right Way Session 2: Value Proposition & Writing Job Ads

Our hiring series will cover a variety of different topics all with one central outcome; how to hire the right way. You will learn about how to attract young talent, the importance of the employer’s value proposition, getting ready to hire, funding and grant programs, the candidate interview process, onboarding and retention, and setting up a welcoming company culture. Hiring the Right [...]

Hiring the Right Way


More and more Canadian businesses are faced with challenges of finding the right talent. Skilled developers or engineers, experienced sales reps, top growth executives, labourers, service staff - employers are struggling to find the right people and bring them onboard. In this 3-part series, you will learn about strategies for progressive and strategic hiring, importance of employer’s value proposition, proper [...]

TechPlace and Haltech are Hosting a Panel Discussion

Virtual Panel Discussion, July 13th  Need help navigating the changing business environment post COVID-19? This Virtual Panel Discussion will offer practical tips for entrepreneurs to manage strategic, financial and operational business risk, and advice on how to strategically navigate opportunities that can unfold after a crisis. Haltech and TechPlace are excited to welcome panelists from [...]