Codify Zone prepares children for the FUTURE through coding

Learning to code teaches children the mental discipline for breaking down problems logically and then solving them, a skillset that everyone can use. Coding can help your child develop academic skills applicable to any grade level, in addition to building critical life skills like organization, perseverance, and problem solving. When children code, they learn through experimentation and strengthen their brains, allowing them to find creative solutions to problems. Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age. It’s important for your child to understand and be able to innovate with the technology around them. As we rapidly approach the 21st century’s second decade, we need to add coding to that list of critical skills for modern living. Jobs are quickly becoming automated, and half of today’s highest-paying jobs require some sort of coding knowledge. By 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer science related jobs but only 400,000 computer science graduates to fill them, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the very least, children today must be familiar with basic coding concepts in order to prepare for the job market’s demands.

“Our children need to learn how to be computationally fluent today because not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate.” Linda Smith, Founder & CEO

Does the future looks bright for the next generation of GIRLS?

The gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and computer science (CS) fields is wide and longstanding. To close it will take practical and cultural shifts in the ways that these subjects are taught and presented. However, even small shifts can make a big difference.

According to a new study by Intel. Their research finds that “girls that make, design and create things using technology may develop a stronger interest and greater skills in computer science and engineering”

A study by Google shows that early exposure is one of the most important ways we can shrink the gender gap in STEM, as it boosts confidence in kids, especially young girls, while they’re still interested in technology. The key to getting more girls interested in STEM is to expose them to making. Whether it be through designing, building, coding, or the arts, making provides them with a pathway to learn and explore new ideas and technologies.

Codify Zone is encouraging girls to explore STEM knowledge and careers. We want to ignite girl’s curiosity and get them problem solving and building solutions of their own.  At Codify Zone, young girls can be equipped with the necessary tools to be excited about, such as the ones on the black friday 2022 promo, and successful in these fields.

Codify Zone has a number of upcoming courses for Fall 2018 at TechPlace. Learn more online here.