ZippyJamz graduates TechPlace LaunchPad Program early to take on joint commercial lease in Burlington  

Ann (left) and Nicole (right) outside their LaunchPad office at TechPlace.

September 17, 2018 – ZippyJamz graduates TechPlace LaunchPad Program early to take on joint commercial lease in Burlington.

ZippyJamz an award-winning start up founded in Hamilton, was accepted into the TechPlace LaunchPad program in April 2018.  Founder Nicole Mortimer and her team have thrived at TechPlace and have tripled their sales and increased their international presence while participating in the LaunchPad program. ZippyJamz brought unique non-traditional innovation to TechPlace with their patent pending sleeper that makes diaper changing quick and easy for parents and keeps babies covered and comfortable throughout.  

ZippyJamz have enjoyed their time at TechPlace leveraging resources, networks and space to continue growing their business .“The LaunchPad program provided us with fantastic resources we needed to grow” said Nicole Mortimer Founder and CEO, “ZippyJamz is now ready to expand and take on a joint commercial lease with warehouse space located right here in Burlington.” This expansion will allow ZippyJamz to streamline their online purchasing process and efficiently reach more customers.   

Both TechPlace and BEDC are thrilled about this expansion. Mark Steffler, Manager at TechPlace spoke out in support of the early graduation. “We are incredibly proud of the success ZippyJamz has accomplished over the last six months in the LaunchPad program, co-signing a 500 square foot lease nearby is a monumental step in their business operations.” This move further emphasizes the success of TechPlace as a key tool for landing innovative high growth companies to the area. Anita Cassidy, Acting Executive Director at BEDC echoes Steffler’s comments; “the choice for ZippyJamz to move into a commercial lease demonstrates TechPlace’s ability to entice high growth companies to Burlington and provide them with vital resources to locate and grow in Burlington.”

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ZippyJamz warehouse.